About this website.

The Pathway Library allows health and care organisations across Scotland to store and link to the pathways they have created using the Clinical Knowledge Publisher tool. These pathways are publicly available on the Internet via URL.

Search via individual organisation using the search box or the tag cloud. The tag cloud allows you to browse all pathways categorised under a subject by its creators.

Please note that the Pathway Library only provides access to pathways created using the CKP tool. Some organisations use other means to create pathways and make available through their own routes. Similarly, inclusion in the Pathway Library is voluntary and requires approval from Local Admins, so only those pathways which have been approved will be accessible in the organisation’s Library. Individual pathways are copyrighted to the organisation they are listed within and enquiries should be directed to Organisational Admins or to pathway owners. The CKP tool and Pathway Library are the property of NHS Education for Scotland and enquiries about using these should be directed to our Help Desk.

The CKP provides an efficient, standardized and streamlined means of production and publication of clinical pathways and guidance, with clear and explicit links to supporting evidence and support material. It enables you to visually create clinical care pathways and other workflow processes based on best evidence and guidance.

To register for the CKP and start building your own pathways, click here.

To find out more about the tool or enquire about training, please contact your Organisational Admin or Knowledge Services at NES.